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Seagate launches its promotions on two of its favorite products.

With the big successes arriving at the start of 2021, it’s imperative to have enough storage space so you can get the most out of it. Games as a service like Rainbow Six Sage For example, the promise of unlimited gaming time thanks to the constant stream of free downloadable content.

But now, given the ever-increasing number of titles our consoles host each month, having a hard drive exceeding 1 TB becomes almost mandatory.

Seagate hard drives at competitive prices

This product is officially licensed by PlayStation. You will be able to store more than 50 games and equipped with the latest fireworks for plug and play use. The Seagate Hard Drive is simple, functional, fluid, and compact that caters to gamers who love the PlayStation brand!

Why buy an external hard drive?
Increasing our storage capacity is now increasingly necessary so that we can enjoy the largest number of games possible. It takes off material that is not material but charges expanded memory capacity. 2 TB will be enough to store tons of games as you prepare for the new generations of consoles planned for the end of the year.

Seagate hard drives at competitive prices

Buy the Seagate Nackup Portable 4 TB for 109.99 € instead of 129.99 €

Seagate hard drives at competitive prices

For gamers who want to maximize storage space for their games or high-tech gear, this 4TB It can meet your needs. With technology allowing to copy files. A real everyday tool, this hard drive will give you Digital backup customized according to your equipment.

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The black version is available in several colors at € 109.99 instead of € 129.99 on Amazon

Seagate hard drives at competitive prices

The largest storage space for this choice. With this external hard drive, you are investing in the future. Features 6 terabyte Space, the Seagate Expansion Desktop promises to support you throughout your gaming sessions. PS4, XONE et PCThis storage device is plug-and-play and thus requires no specific handling.

Seagate also provides you with a USB 3.0 Cable Power Adapter and Quick Start Guide.

Seagate hard drives at competitive prices

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