After RED from SFR, Syma Mobile challenges Bouygues Telecom with a 300GB 5G package at €14.99

300 GB package at € 14.99: a complete and useful offer

Syma Mobile has always sought to compete with Free Mobile, but with the new pricing of the 300GB plan at €14.99 per month, it becomes a more competitive option. This mobile phone plan includes:

  • 300GB of 5G data on the SFR network in France, with low speeds exceeding this limit.
  • 15 GB of usable data from the European Union and French Overseas Territories, is deducted from the total envelope.

In addition to the generous data package, this 5G package includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from mainland France (to Overseas Territories for calls), Overseas Territories and the European Union.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the free International Calling option, allowing you to call at no extra cost from mainland France to 100 European destinations and mobiles.

This combination of features makes the Syma Mobile 300GB plan an ideal solution for data-intensive users with loved ones abroad.

By aligning with B&You and RED by SFR pricing, Syma Mobile remains competitive.

Other good Syma Mobile offers for all profiles

Syma Mobile doesn't just appeal to heavy data consumers; It also offers attractive offers for all user profiles, all without a long-term commitment, including unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France as well as from the EU and French overseas territories. Here are the available options:

  • 2GB for €1.99: ideal for small data consumers and small budgets
  • 40GB at €5.99: ideal for those with moderate data usage. This package includes 6GB usable in the EU and DOM, with a 5G option available for an additional €3.
  • 150GB of 5G for €9.99: Designed for heavy users, this bundle offers 150GB of 5G data in France, including 11GB usable in the EU and DOM. It also includes bonus unlimited calls from France to landlines in 100 destinations and European mobiles.
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Whether you're a small data consumer or a heavy user, Syma Mobile offers plans tailored to your needs, with international calling and 5G data options.

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