How to create a song with artificial intelligence

Unless you completely ignore the news or social media, you've probably seen a lot of buzz around AI-generated songs lately.

There are many relevant ethical discussions to be had on this topic, but we will leave that to people smarter than us. Our concern is the possibility of people falling for scam applications from scammers exploiting posts. It's a recipe that comes up every time something goes viral, so we're showing you the safe way to create a song using AI, because we know you're going to try it anyway!

This is the song that * was created. “A World Without Pity” is a song inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2.

* Suno even created a photo to accompany the song!

For the exercise, we chose country music as the style. It's not the most exciting song, but it gives you an idea.

How to create a song using artificial intelligence.

1. Visit Sonu I.

2. Sign in to Suno AI with your Google, Microsoft, or Discord account.

3. The song is created using the credits. Every day you are entitled to 50 free credits to be replenished. 50 points = 10 songs*.

*It should be noted that Suno AI is so popular at the moment that it can only be created through paid accounts. It should improve in the coming weeks.


4. There are three plans: Basic (free), Pro and Premier. The Pro plan costs $8 per month if you choose the annual plan (or $10 per month for the monthly plan). The Premium plan costs $24 per month if you choose its annual plan (or $30 for the monthly plan).

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5. When your account is ready, click “Creates“Top left.

6. With Basic mode, you simply type a description. Suno will generate the lyrics for you if you don't choose the “Instrumental” option.

7. On the other hand, the “Custom” mode allows you to set your own lyrics, musical style, and song title. This is the situation we prefer! For our cowboy song, we created the lyrics using ChatGPT, but you can write whatever you want. “Custom” mode is available on all Suno AI plans.

8. Accept your instructions and after a few minutes, the song will appear in a playlist on your Suno account. You can then share an audio version and a video version of the created song.

If you want to improve your song, you can create Remix From it, or even from the song that was created to create a second version.

goodWe know our readers. You are interested in the result of the query “Metal song about the game Animal crossing“? It is special:

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