After several delays, the Metal Gear Solid board game was canceled, but its author didn’t give up

Its creator will lure another company to manufacture it, but he warns that achieving it will be challenging.

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If you are a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, you might remember that since 2019 a board game based on Metal Gear has been working on, but unfortunately this has been confirmed. The project was canceled at the end of 2020.

Its author offered to take money out of his pocket to complete the gameEmerson Matsuchi, The creator of this unique mod for Metal equipmentAnd to ensure that the company responsible for the production of backgammon, IDW Publishing, Gave up pursuing the project. While it does not provide a clear explanation as to why the decision was made, everything indicates that the constant delays suffered by the game ended with this cancellation.

After several delays, the Metal Gear Solid board game was canceled, but its author didn't give up
Matsuchi He explained that he tried to keep the project afloat and that he even offered to pay from his bag all that was needed to complete it. Unfortunately, IDW rejected their offer. Despite the heavy blow, Matsuchi confirmed that he was already working with another company, Nazca GamesTo resume the game.

He also explained that he’s already in talks with Konami To secure the rights to the series, although it will be a real challenge due to the complex international processes in place to license a product around the world. Only time will tell if the board game can reappear.

MGSV received a mysterious update

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In the news regarding the spy series, it appeared in recent days that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain received a mysterious update of just over 3GB. In this regard, Konami was confined to saying that the aforementioned correction made changes to the terms and conditions of the contract, although many continue to doubt if it is not released with additional intentions.

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