Aldi delivers: a low-cost smart home startup

Turning on lights with a smartphone, regulating radiators, or lowering roller blinds via a remote control: Smart home appliances make everyday life easier in different ways and come in a variety of shapes. But not everyone is willing to invest a lot of money in a smart home. It doesn’t have to be! The starter kit offered by discount Aldi Nord and Süd at low prices is ideal for entering the world of smart home. The set from the Telecom Magenta brand includes several smart home devices and costs only 89.99 euros.

Aldi: It’s in the smart home starter kit

Telekom Magenta Home Base 2: Serves as a control center for the starter group. Connect Home Base 2 to the router via WiFi. Smart home appliances (eg Tint products) can then be controlled using the associated smartphone app “Magenta SmartHome”. According to Aldi, a contract is not required.

Tint smart power strip: Using the smart socket strip from the manufacturer Müller-Licht, appliances can be controlled remotely. It provides two permanently powered sockets and two dye-swapped sockets at the same time.

Contact door/window purple: This sensor also secures your four walls. Thanks to technology, you can find out if someone inadvertently opens a door or window. In the event of a hack, the user receives an instant notification on their smartphone. Besides the smart smoke detector, it also sounds the alarm.

LED Tint Lights: In addition, buyers receive three E27 LED smart bulbs from Müller-Licht. It should emit a warm light and provide a luminosity of 806 lumens. Of course, it can also be played using a smartphone app. Practical: Users assemble the lights with their smartphones and turn them on and off in parallel.

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Smart home starter kit: Aldi delivers soon

Aldi Nord and Süd offer the starter kit exclusively in their “Aldi delivers” online store. But you still have to be patient. The set will only be available from opponents from September 9, 2021 at 8am. And then not on the shelves of branches.

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