All About Audio-Video

Audio-video, or more commonly known as AV, is a broad term for electronic devices and systems used to watch, listen, and communicate through internet and media. AV is used anywhere from home entertainment systems to professional settings.

Where AV is commonly used

Various professional settings that use AV include corporate offices, where you will usually find a meeting room AV on hand in some rooms. Others include hospitals, public workspaces, and even some restaurants.

AV parts

No matter what space requires an AV system, the same components are usually required to ensure a complete and fully working setup.

These components include:

  • A video conferencing system. Ideally you should have a plug and play video system, which means that all you have to do is plug in the equipment and it will be ready to go. You will also be able to make calls on this software and should easily be able to adjust the sound and visuals.
  • Speakers are another vital part of an AV system. You can typically use speakers from many devices including a laptop and TV to hear the other party.
  • Screens come in next, where you can often use a variety of displays such as TV screens and a cell phone or a laptop to see the other party and have your face displayed.
  • Cameras and microphones can come in many forms these days, with the most popular installations being via a computer and USB webcams and microphones.
  • Last but not least, you will need an internet connection to speak with the receive party. You can do this by connecting either to WIFI, an Ethernet connection, or the internet. It is worthwhile to make sure that you have a steady internet connection in place before you post the ad to make sure that you don’t have any disruptions during an important phone call.

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