Are All Online Casino Bonuses the Same?

The number of real money casinos keeps increasing year in and year out. As competition arises, £5 deposit casinos on roll out bonuses to draw players to their business. This gives the player so many options to choose from and many bonuses to enjoy. Invariably, it has also made choosing one a rather difficult task.

For any player looking for a casino, the most important thing to do at first is research. Check out how their gambling system works and how much it suits your playing style. Another important factor to consider is the type of bonuses available to a new player. Bonuses can give you a winning edge in any game. However, bonuses come in different forms, and it’s important to know the differences to be able to maximise them.

Welcome Bonus

This is probably the most popular type of bonus provided by online casinos. Casinos try to make this bonus as attractive as possible owing to the fact that it’s the primary bonus that draws in a new player. Welcome bonuses may come in the form of a particular amount granted to a player for free to play any game. It can also come in the form of free spins for the new player.

While some online casinos grant players welcome bonuses immediately after signing up, most casinos only grant welcome bonuses after a new player completes his first deposit. Also, some online casinos grant new players 100% of their deposit, and some go as far as granting 300%. Welcome bonuses are quite important and must be used to the fullest advantage.

Another clause that comes with welcome bonuses is that they must be wagered for a specific number of times, as stated by the casino bonus terms and conditions before they can be withdrawn.

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Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses work almost the same way as welcome bonuses. Online casinos only grant reload bonuses to players who have deposited before. Unlike welcome bonuses, reload bonuses are not for new players, it’s a reward scheme for players who have been loyal to the casino. Also, the terms and conditions attached to reload bonuses are a little less stringent compared to welcome bonuses.

Reload bonuses usually do not amount to up to 100% of a player’s deposit. However, a player can be granted up to 30% or 40% for a single deposit in a week or month, depending on the casino’s policy. This means that reload bonuses, in some casinos, are only offered on a given day in a month. As such, a player would receive a reload bonus upon depositing on that particular day.

Similar to welcome bonuses, reload bonuses also require wagering for a specific number of times, as decided by the casino company, before the withdrawal. However, since reload bonuses are only granted on a small percentage of a player’s deposit, the wagering times are low as well. Check also the best casino sportsbook to bet and win more if you know a lot about sport.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are granted to players for depositing in an online casino. While the welcome bonus is very popular, deposit bonuses are popular too. They are usually granted as part of a promotional campaign. Deposit bonuses are given based on a defined percentage of the player’s deposit, which may be 50%, 60% or 70%, depending on the casino’s bonus terms. Though rare, some casinos offer up to a 100% deposit bonus.

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Deposit bonuses are mainly granted by online casinos to retain new customers. It’s a scheme casinos come up with to ensure that new customers do not go out to patronise other competing casino organisations. As such, casinos are quite competitive in the amount players get as deposit bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus, on the other hand, is the direct opposite of a deposit bonus. It works just as its name implies. A player need not make a deposit to enjoy these bonuses. They are completely free. However, no deposit bonuses usually come with many terms and conditions that must be read and understood before accepting the bonus.

Cashback Bonus

Playing online casinos is a risky venture. You win and lose. Sometimes you win more than you lose, and at other times, you lose more than you win. Generally, consistent losses can leave a player unsatisfied and frustrated because of the money lost to gambling. Online casinos recognise this and have created a bonus scheme to minimise loss to any player in such a situation.

A cashback bonus operates to cover part of a player’s losses. This scheme gives players a little more encouragement to keep playing. Though, it is important to use them wisely. Depositing the cashback to play another round does not guarantee a win. Cashback bonuses are less popular than other bonuses discussed above because most casinos do not offer them.

Online casinos offering cashback bonuses may do so weekly or monthly, depending on each casino’s policy. Some casinos offer them daily. Cashback bonuses, however, do not operate to cover all the player’s losses. The amount the player gets back is based on a specific per cent allowed by the casino’s terms. This usually falls between 20-30%.

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For instance, where an online casino offers 20% cashback. Suppose a player loses up to $300. The amount he receives as cashback is 20% of $300.

  • 20 x 300=6000
  • 6000/100=60
  • Thus, the player receives $60 as a cashback bonus.

Other Bonuses

Birthday Bonus

As its name implies, online casinos grant bonuses to customers on their birthdays. This type of bonus gives the player something to expect. Casinos also benefit from giving such bonuses because it attracts more players and helps to retain them.

Loyalty Bonus

Once a new player becomes a regular customer at a casino company, he will be granted an offer to become a part of a VIP club. Though loyalty bonuses are a bit less popular than welcome bonuses, they are better and juicier. However, they are exclusively for regular players. Loyalty bonuses also require low wagering before the player can withdraw.

Free Spins

If you are the type of player that enjoys spinning, then this bonus is for you. Fortunately, most casinos do not hold back on granting free spins to players. They are generously granted in packs of 20, 30 and up to 100 or more. They do, however, come with terms and conditions that may necessitate using them within a specified number of days.


Now you know all about casino bonuses and what differentiates them. Notably, casino bonuses give you more chances to play and win, and it is important to take full advantage of them. However, it is also important to read the terms, such as the wagering requirement that comes with each bonus.

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