All for the win and nothing for the game, the limits of the DD method are exposed in broad daylight.

Football – Justifying a philosophy of toughness and prudence, at the expense of the game, by winning at all costs, is a dangerous game that Deschamps himself is showing when success is not there, as was the case during this Euro.

From our special correspondent in Munich,

We feel more annoyed than disappointed when it comes time to close the book on Euro 2024 for the French national team, which lost without a real fight in the semi-finals at the hands of France. Roja is more attractivefunnier and stronger than her. We are upset because we wonder what we will tell our children and grandchildren, when they come to warm up by the fireplace and we have to pass on to them our memories of this funny summer, between two sips of hot chocolate.

Because with results, or before, it depends on people and mentalities, football is also and above all a matter of transfer. But what can we transfer from this team that has only unleashed profound boredom? We have already had difficulty making them last more than ten minutes before the Blues' matches before they finally give up and return to their own mud. No, frankly, we do not see.

And if the previous French epics have already received their share of criticism in their time, we are thinking in particular of the World Cup in Russia, although it came from everywhere except (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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