Virtual Reality in Medicine. Israeli startup OtheReality is awesome!

It often happens that pregnant women learn that their pregnancy has ended while calling the obstetrics and gynecology emergency department of an Israeli hospital.

This news, often confusing and devastating to the patient and her partner, is for many doctors not only unfortunate information, but normal and routine information.

“For the doctor, this is a common situation and most of the time the patient’s life is not in danger… The doctor is more focused on cleaning the bed, while for the patient, it can be painful, excruciating and difficult,” says Yotvat Balter Desian.

“The doctor should look at the patient as a person with a problem, not as a problem,” she added.

Yotvat Balter-Daissian is the co-founder and COO.Another realitya virtual reality (VR) solution that helps build empathy among healthcare providers by allowing them to experience the situation from the patient's perspective.

The startup was recently launched as part of a partnership between Bar-Ilan University and the ARC Innovation Center at Sheba Medical Center, and is currently being tested at Sheba and other Israeli hospitals.

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals enter healthcare careers because they want to help people. However, being constantly at the foot or side of a hospital bed often makes them forget what it feels like to lie in that bed.


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