Amal Bent makes a comeback! The singer shines as she meets her fans in the middle of the festival [PHOTOS]

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Amal Bennett took a break from social media last September to focus on her upcoming eighth album. The singer made a notable appearance on Saturday, June 29, to perform on stage for a good cause. She was surrounded by artists including Mokobé, Black M, Vitaa, Kerry James, Fave, and LeChairman, to name a few.

Amal Bent makes a comeback! The singer shines as she meets her fans in the middle of the festival [PHOTOS]

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The rest after the announcement

Amal Bint announced last September that she does not intend to renew her contract for the 2024 season. the soundOn social media, especially her Instagram account, she made a big announcement: “The road ends here for me, but I will meet you on the way, because your love is my compass.“, she wrote on Instagram. And then, during her last concert at Zénith, she completed this announcement that was posted on the web. In fact, she declared to her audience: “It's time for me to get back in the studio, get back to writing, get back to songwriting and make you the eighth album, the best one.”. “This means that there will be a lot of adventures, which I used to be part of during the year, that I will not be able to do, because I really need to give everything. You won't see me on TV, anywhere. I'll be in the studio. And I will be back with an album“I concluded optimistically,” she said.

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Although she has not posted anything on social media since then, she made a notable appearance last February in Neuilly-sur-Seine during an evening organized to reward the most feminist films and works of the year. She performed several of her songs on stage, and also appeared with actress France Zopda and Florence Sandes, president of Media Club'Elles. Then, on June 29, the singer appeared again, still radiant and for a great cause. At the invitation of Franco-British Foundation of Burlesque (FFBS) “The Heart of Sarcasm Festival”Amal Bint responded to the call to sing to raise funds during this charity event, as many singers responded to the call.

Artists united for a good cause

Since 1919, the FFBS has been working for vulnerable people, in particular people with disabilities and/or exclusion, and decided to launch this festival in order to raise funds for the construction of a gymnasium within the Foundation's Medical Educational Institute (IME), located in Épinay-sur-Orge in Essonne. This event was sponsored by famous artists such as Vitaa, Black M, Kerry James, Amel Bent and Mokobé to name a few. Other singers also made the trip such as LeChairman, Favé but also Still Fresh.

LeChairman, who was on stage, expressed his pride in attending such an event via his Instagram account. “It happened yesterday 1st edition of FFBS Coeur de Silery Festival Only one word comes to me right away, it's thank you! It was stronger than I imagined. This festival was dedicated to people with disabilities, and yesterday more than 1,500 people participated. I think we succeeded. A fraternal thanks to those who found in their busy schedule, a moment for us, a moment for them”we can read.

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The Foundation explained in its press release: “The increasing cost of materials has put this project at risk, resulting in a deficit of 1.3 million euros. FFBS is therefore seeking the support of partners, sponsors, donors and sponsors to fill this deficit. Your generosity will help provide young people from IME with the opportunity to develop through sporting practice, while strengthening the sporting offer and the local associative fabric.”.

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