All-in-one VR Sports: A fun experience around 10 certified Olympic events

Compete solo or as a duo in over 10 certified Olympic events with Virtual Time’s comprehensive VR sports experience. Whether you’re a fan of tennis, basketball, darts, bowling or golf, experience the thrill of Olympic competitions like your idols in VR!

Since 2017, VirtualTime, pioneer Virtual Reality Centers In France, it welcomes the general public and companies in its three Parisian centres. To experience extraordinary immersive adventures in virtual reality alone or with others.

More than 60 contents are available so far that challenge the imagination. You are just one click away from the great journey! Virtual Reality (or “VR” for “Virtual Reality”), a revolutionary technology that is finally within the reach of the largest possible number of people (9 years ago!).

Thanks to the VR headset, audio/microphone set and controllers, each person is immersed in a partitioned, soundproofed 9 square metre space with their loved ones in a virtual world where anything is possible! In the form of your avatars, you can talk, listen and above all act together.

At VirtualTime, the program is selected on site upon arrival, and depending on the length of your session, you can do several programs in a row.

Your coach, from a distance, sees you, hears you and above all discreetly accompanies you on this wonderful journey: you are never alone!

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Olympic Games in Paris with the new virtual reality game: All in one VR sports*

Solo or in pairs, Face yourself in +10 Olympic Events consent (And 20 by July 20!)

Whether you are a fan of tennis, basketball, darts, bowling or golf, there is a sport for every sports enthusiast.

Take advantage of this immersive experience to experience the thrill of the Olympic competitions like your favorite stars.

Get ready to improve your skills and challenge your friends.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the Paris Olympics!

*This game can be found at VR A LA Carte Formula and ordered at the center upon arrival.

Business Customer Service: 0800 71 01 31 Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm (free call)

The centers are accessible from the age of 9 yearsat distances 9 m² Soundproof to ensure Full immersion. a Virtual Reality Trainer Supports every group for a smooth and secure experience. Commitment VirtualTime The quality of its services is reflected in positive customer reviews, highlighting the warm welcome And one Technical assistance reaction.

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VirtualTime It also provides customized services for: Companieslike sessions Team building, seminars and other follow-up work.As well as special formulas for Children's birthdays And adults as well as EVJF/EVG.

VirtualTime Makes a saving point High quality experiencesWith a focus onEnvironmental Responsibility And theAccessibility for people with disabilities.

In addition, Virtual Time offers a selection of 60 games, experiences and escape games:

the game elf killer : Transform yourself into an elven archer and repel attacks from goblins and dragons.

the game arizona sunshine :Version 1 (or 2 for the more experienced!) sharpens your survival instincts in the face of hordes of zombies.

Lost Pyramid Escape Game by Ubisoft: 2 or 4 players team up to find a way out of the Nebka Pyramid.

Escape game Alice : Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Alice.

Experience Everst top : Climb the roof of the world

Experience com.theBlu :Diving into the blue abyss

Experience Apollo 11 :Exploring our solar system

Experience Art is drowning :face to face with Masterpiece

VirtualTime Experience Features:

1. Best VR Experiences: VirtualTime teams test all new VR software every week to deliver only the best.

2. Best Support Staff: Virtual reality can be technical and scary for some. Not at VirtualTime! VR trainers are experts who advise you on choosing your experiences and stay with you throughout your VR journeys.

3. Top of the line technology: High-resolution VR headsets (and wireless for the Châtelet-Montorgueil and Montparnasse-Luxembourg centres), super-powerful computing stations and wireless DTS 7.1 surround sound headphones ensure unparalleled immersion in virtual reality.

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4. First Class Comfort: At VirtualTime, VR Travel is available exclusively in First Class. Individual VR spaces are partitioned, padded, air-conditioned and acoustically enhanced.

5. Best prices: Prices start from €24.50 per 30 minutes and take advantage of our happy hours during the week.

6. Three ideally located centers in Paris covering the entire capital (38 rue Abou Qir 75002 Paris / 33 rue Vavin 75006 Paris / 72 rue Voltaire 75011 Paris).

7. Environmental Responsibility and Carbon Offsetting: VirtualTime is committed to fully offsetting its electricity carbon footprint by planting new forests.

Customer Service: 0800 71 01 31 Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm (free call)

Three centers welcome you to Paris:

VirtualTime Châtelet-Montorgueil, a virtual reality centre at the heart of the routeVirtualTime Châtelet-Montorgueil, a virtual reality centre at the heart of the routeVirtualTime Châtelet-Montorgueil, a virtual reality centre at the heart of the routeVirtualTime Châtelet-Montorgueil, a virtual reality centre at the heart of the route
Virtual reality enthusiasts gather at VirtualTime Châtelet-Montorgeuil to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality through different experiences accessible to beginners and beginners. An establishment that has been renovated during the last confinement, with a full range of equipment. [Lire la suite]

LaurentP DatabaseLaurentP DatabaseLaurentP DatabaseLaurentP DatabaseVirtualTime – Bastille République, Virtual Reality Center in the 11th Arrondissement
After a center in Abu Qir Street, VirtualTime opened a facility in 2018 in the 11th arrondissement, Voltaire Street. A space dedicated to virtual reality, where young and old can discover and learn about virtual reality through a variety of activities, alone or in a group. [Lire la suite]

picturepicturepicturepictureVirtualTime – Montparnasse-Luxembourg
6 years after its first center, VirtualTime has finally invested in the Left Bank and established its expertise in the Montparnasse-Luxembourg area at 33 rue Vavin Paris 6. More than 220 square meters on two mezzanines for 11 modern virtual reality spaces. From 9 years. [Lire la suite]

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