Amazon Prime Video: Advertising in Movies and Series

With Prime Video, Amazon offers a full selection of movies and series.

aPremium Amazon Prime shipping, unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and series, tons of streaming events every month plus a membership that can be canceled at any time, so Amazon attracts a lot of customers. Yes, the service costs €7.99 after the 30-day free period ends, but unlike the free versions of the corresponding streaming services, there are no ads in the video. Or is it? The letter makes the rounds about recent outages. What’s wrong with the rumor?

Advertising on Prime Video annoys customers

With Amazon Prime Video, you can stream movies and series on your Amazon Fire TV, smart TV, tablet, smartphone or game console even offline. Existing titles such as “Vikings”, “Star Trek Picard”, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” or “Lucifer” are included. Now it looks like something has arrived that no one really needs: advertising. Existing Prime subscribers already know this. Before movies and series, there were occasional advertisements for company titles. On Twitter, the user expressed his anger, because even while the video was playing, the Fire TV tablet was likely to receive ads during forwards and fast returns. Amazon Help responded that the facts were not known. The user must inform Amazon via a link so that they can take a closer look at the matter.

Advertising for paying subscribers

Also golem Reports of such incidents. Publicity reached the editors once the film was discontinued and later resumed. If the editors rewind ten seconds, a trailer has started. However, it can be skipped. The loading time was still annoying. Testing would have shown that with Android devices (Fire and Fire TV devices) there were frequent ads when pausing and rewinding, with iPhone, Apple TV or Android TV, everything was working as smoothly as before. It is possible that the function is simply thrown at a different point in time. Competitors Netflix and Disney Plus have no ads for paying customers, and Sky judges its customers with three commercials before the series.

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