An insider says the Hellblade 2 and BioShock 4 game awards will be in 2021 –

Hellplate 2 Continues with Sports Awards 2021, With another insider claiming to be sure there was a new Ninja Theory game on the occasion, probably with a new trailer and a new one provided Bioshock4, Which has been talked about for a while.

Questionable source Twitter user RalphsValve, Inward It has reported real things in the past, but its reliability is always under scrutiny because it is not certain. However, as for Senua’s Saga: HelpPlate II, he’s not the only one watching, because even Jess Gordon said he’s sure the game will make a comeback at the Games Awards. , He apparently had an affair, especially as his first trailer aired on that occasion.

As for the new BioShock, there are some rumors that it may be called BioShock Isolation, which will probably be displayed. Advertising, Maybe it doesn’t explain much yet. According to the insider in question, a detailed and explicit presentation of the game was planned Ken Levine Attended the event, but later due to “conflicts of opinion” the Ghost Story Games team decided not to participate directly in The Game Awards 2021 event, thus moving the presentation to another in-depth presentation, but still maintaining the teaser.

Keep in mind that the Game Awards will air on 2021 December 9, 2021 We will follow the event directly on these pages with the possibility of following us directly in a kind of marathon and Milan.

Veronica Tucker

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