Animal Crossing: These lovable characters in the game!

Animal Crossing makes us lose many hours in the game, thanks to the characters that are more attractive than others …


The The month of Valentine’s Day It begins in the animal crossing world. Hence, the little characters will also have romances to try. So pay close attention to these characters, who are very likable in the game, and who may have surprises in the store for you. MCE TV tells you everything from the ground up.

February comes with its share of surprises, overall, in Animal Crossing. So you can spend Valentine’s Day there, as a couple or as a single person, it’s up to you.

During this period, the game will be full of little surprises to pass the time and hours of play. Nintendo even bothered an event that was just going to happen. Before Valentine’s Day: Carnival.

During this festival, we will be able to find the different characters in the game, and we can say, there is a bunch of them. On the island made of pixels ! Some are more successful than others, in this regard.

If there is no real way to do that Fill the unit with their loveWe can spend hours talking to them. In any case, players already have their favorite characters.

In the past, in Animal crossing, it was possibleTo present chocolates to our neighbors. Here are the in-game characters that players want to spend Valentine’s Day with!

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Animal Crossing: These lovable characters in the game!

Animal crossing: You can talk to your favorite carnival character

So all players have them A neighbor who prefers to chat with him inside the game. The ranking is led by Raymond and Clio, who seem to be popular with players around the world.

Of course, they aren’t the only ones to win fan hearts, far from that! Right after coming Matteo, Monica, Laura and Robert. Fun fact, Monica’s original name, Audi, is said to come from a grandmother who spent 4,000 hours playing on New Leaf!

The appearance “Even kawaii” from Looks like Laura is looking too For players. Meanwhile, Robert has appealed to all the players who have known him since the first Animal Crossing games.

Some will be willing to spend time with him Weirdo MarvinThis is a somewhat lazy octopus. While others love to stare at the stars next to Coco, this sugar bunny who dreams of being an astronaut!

Less loving but never put aside, Didier, drink, quiet and Henry. Gossip fans of all kinds love gossiping with Diddy, while others appreciate Placid on his side … Placid in short!

Plus, Didi and Placide aren’t new to Animal Crossing. No wonder they are also appreciated by players who wouldn’t hesitate to pass this on Vent before Valentine’s Day In their company.

We just have to wait for this A large-scale festival To know with whom to spend it. We are sure you already have your little boyfriend!

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