Dan Richio, head of the Apple VR headset?

Last month, Apple announced Dan Richio’s job change: until then senior vice president of hardware engineering, and thus overseeing the development of the vast majority of Apple products, Dan Richio became vice president. Head of the Engineering Department. it’s a “New role for a new project”Tim Cook rudely without saying more about the new responsibilities involved, perhaps lenient but more specialized. According to Mark Gorman, who Bloomberg, Dan Riccio was supposed to be the head of the department responsible for Apple’s virtual and augmented reality accessories.

In other words, it is Dan Ritchieu now who will be looking after Apple’s future mixed reality headset, which connected glasses will follow in the coming years. Mark Gurman explains that the development of this headset has posed a lot of problems and that Apple is hoping to get a helping hand from its former chief engineer a year or two before its launch. So Dan Riccio will be in charge of the project, but without guaranteeing the day-to-day operations that Mike Rockwell will run.

For Mark Gorman, this change of position will be very similar to Phil Schiller’s change last summer: It will be a matter of renewed interest from longtime managers in keeping them in the company longer. Dan Riccio joined Apple in 1998 and helped build the first iMac. After more than 20 years in the company, you’ll be coming home before really moving.

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