Annunci Mobile Cobra Kai: Fighter Card

Boss Team Games and Gamaga announced that Cobra Kai: Card Fighter will be available on iOS and Android mobile devices as a free game on March 19. Players can pre-register for the turn-based strategy combat game before the March release date.

Players will have two adventurous ways in the game: Story Mode that provides paths for players to communicate with Miyagi do Karate or Cobra Kai; Or PvP multiplayer tournament mode for competitive genres.

In story mode, players will build their own dojo, recruiting “familiar faces from the series and training them to become the heroes of all heroes of the valley”. The gameplay sees players use a variety of cards that allow karate punches, kicks and throws while building a special attack / combo counter for devastating kills. Each fighter has unique abilities as well as strengths and weaknesses.

The story mode in Cobra Kai: Card Fighter takes players to narrate Cobra Kai and show scenes from the series while you follow the direction of your emotions. Meanwhile, tournament mode allows players to jump online to challenge their friends in PvP multiplayer battles with one of the unlocked characters. In between roles, players can return to the dojo to train, build decks, improve belt layouts, and customize characters and maps to show how far their fighters have come.

Meet the Cobra Kai: Card Fighter Official site To find pre-registration links.

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