The Ninja streamer threatens to stop playing

It is an electronic game It remains the most popular battle royale game today. Among the game’s most prominent titles is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. A streamer player who is famous for his talent for the game. Except that for several months, this player has had a recurring problem with the web characters, a community of trolls who managed to push Ninja to the limit.

Fortnite: Ninja poached by his community

The problem faced by Tyler Blevins It is an electronic game It does not come from the game itselfBut from its players. We could go further by saying that it was his community that made him want to stop playing. A community glad to come to ruin parties From Ninja as soon as he starts one, for a stupid reason.

Actually, Ninjas are a victim of so-called “sniping stream”. To summarize, if you are in a game and see that there is a famous player – in this case Ninja – in the same game as you, Just go watch the broadcast To see where it goes and what to do. Item similar to … Cheat And it is possible more easily It is an electronic game Since 100 players are competing in the living room.

The ninja attacks his community

More and more frequent victim of Stream Sniping, Ninja decides to speak in a video he posted Youtube Thatdenverguy. According to the professional singer, it will be more difficult for him Will play It is an electronic game Competitively and almost impossible To do this directly on Twitch. :

They are children. Get out of my parts! Get away from me. You don’t prove anything by getting into a silly game and running towards someone who knows where they are. But good for you, man. Take your damn clip and send it to your friends. You killed the ninja. I haven’t played the game in a long time. I don’t play it anymore. And when I come back, I still kill almost all of the goons. All they do is harm the game because I’m going to play it. I don’t want to broadcast it anymore.

Very annoyed, The ninja thinks he will never play again It is an electronic game And stream. It is for this reason that the operator focused for a while on streaming other competitive games such as League of Legends ou Valorant. We’ll see what Tyler Blevins will do in the future, however it is time It is an electronic game soon.

Recently, It is an electronic game Was in the heartControversy with First Lady Brigitte Macron who launched the launcher against the gameworrying The addictive potential of the game.

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