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John Linnemann, pen of EuroCommerce and Digital Foundry, started a controversial discussion on Twitter, new Xbox Series X | S. To. In his experience, in fact, the new Microsoft consoles, Without internet, They are deities fermacarte. They need to be replaced for this reason.

According to some of those involved in the discussion, Microsoft would have quietly introduced those limitations that caused such a stir at the time:Always in direct contact. Actually this should not be the case because games have to be started, but the method Microsoft chooses is still embarrassing for many. One of them is Lynnman. Coworker complains that the new Xboxes need an online connection to configure themselves properly. The first start cannot be completed without the internet. Even to format the internal SSD, you need internet, which makes it very difficult to resell or repair the console. Xbox Series X | When S servers are taken offline, it is a boring thing in 2021 that in a few years it may become a real limit.

Lynn is also an activist retrogamer He Xbox Series X | He has already predicted many problems that could occur over the years if he wants to fiddle with the S, which he does today with NES or MacDrive. Like we said, this choice can make repairs more complicated, but above all it creates difficulties for everyone who does not have a reliable connection to configure a newly purchased Xbox for one reason or another.

He also believes that the benefits of physical media will be lost, which makes the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S two “paperweights” if you do not have a connection. “The problem here is, the Xbox Gods fermacarte Without internet. They will not work. You cannot purchase a new system and use it without a connection. This is something that needs to change. That’s all, “Linman wrote.

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