“Another World” for all ages, this Saturday, until evening, at Parc Pasteur in Orleans

The Underworld Festival continues, Saturday 28 August at Parc Pasteur. The concerts offered, from 6:30 p.m., remain resolutely international.

Orleans plays on the big stage this weekend, at Campo Santo

Four concerts

Max Livio comes to perform his reggae songs, then leaves at 8pm Moonlignt Benjamin and his juggling blues and rock music for “festive voodoo rock performances. DJ Set Takes Over at 9:30pm Pre-Final by Johnny Montroy, 10:30pm: “Gypsy Rockabilly, Western and Romantic Suburban Atmosphere.”

Games for children from the afternoon

If the evening is all about music, this family festival holds a big spot for kids and nature, from mid-afternoon.

The Abraysian Graines of Happiness Association is the last minute guest of the day. A booth of flower-based products (syrup, small bread, soap) offers sweet aromas while a few meters away, children or grandparents walk out on the path barefoot. “People have lost the feeling of walking on the ground. Rediscover what it’s like to walk in water, on straw, hay, bark, and dead leaves‘ explains one of the volunteers.

Breath of magic and superheroes

Nearby settled a few women from the social center Aselqo Bourgogne. In the program, make-up sessions and beautiful stories about travels and adventures. Real success!

Ilona, ​​the day before, took the opportunity to pick up the butterfly princess look. But a long night of contemplation (“She didn’t think about it until two in the morning!” says her amusing mother) let her Deciding on the new makeup you want on Friday: Lady Bug, the superhero who transforms into a ladybug.

“Sometimes we have to do some research to understand what kids want,” laugh Caroline and Lilia, the two makeup artists.

Caroline and Lilia (make-up artists)

“Creativity Together”

Childhood always, always nature, about the trans work of Chantal José. “We create beauty, and we create it together. It’s vital,” this “painter and beauty planter” smiles.

With lots of sand, corn, eggshells, seashells, flowers or bark…Amateur artists decorate the joint work that is placed in the middle of the lawn, next to a small Merry-go-round.

sports carousel

While families struggle, just a few steps away, in the original Ludens game. A vortex game that works… with parental energy, where they must activate a wheel to make that turn. Children love it. And even want to turn Karnak To provide adults with their own vortex ride.

This Saturday 28 August at Parc Pasteur in Orleans. Free entry, health permit and mask required to access the “festival area”.

For very young adults

Young people did not forget at the festival with Double Pavilion for Regional Youth Information Center (crying).
Stream panel first of all: Program to follow directly on the siteIt is also broadcast on Crij’s Twitch channel. There are invited artists on stage, as well as youth and associations. In the programme, discussions about what young people should be in Orleans, their local initiatives, the city’s strengths or areas for improvement… (first aired around 5.30pm).
It is also installed Information cart to enjoy virtual reality parties and music games. It also serves as an information platform on housing issues, jobs, counselling, social assistance…

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