Apex Legends Mobile is finally available on iOS and Android

Electronic Arts officially announces the release of the first season of Apex Legends Mobile on iOS and Android.

After discussing the port in May 2019, studio Redwood City had to satisfy fans of the original game who were afraid to completely abandon the project. The wait ends today as Season 1 of Clashes kicks off on smartphones and tablets. Apex Legends Mobile is a unique experience designed specifically for mobile platforms and based on the gameplay of the original title (launched in February 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One which won millions of players) while introducing new features and game modes. The title offers the option Sign in with Apple It allows you to choose at launch between several configurations depending on your skill and experience in Apex Legends as well as between two HUD (Headers Display) formats. Small important information for the most competitive people, consoles are supported by the title (But not the holy grail of keyboard and mouse combo, at least during my first experience with the iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard).

According to Giovanni Ducati, responsible for the mobile version, We’ve been focused on Apex Legends Mobile’s competitive play from the start, so we knew we couldn’t accept a simple Apex Legends mobile port to iOS and Android. We had to design Apex Legends Mobile from the ground up to deliver a mobile experience that was not only as fast, intense and innovative as the original Apex Legends game, but was also unique with its own content..

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Apex Legends Mobile is now available for free download on the App Store. The title requires 3.5 GB of free storage space on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch under iOS 11.0 minimum. The game includes in-app purchases ranging from 0.99 to 49.99 euros.

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