Voices of two black holes in NASA Listen’s remix – space and astronomy

A few days ago fOtto of the Milky Way black hole Nationwide, NASA’s remix has created a duet with the voices of two black holes: one at the center of Perseus and the galaxy Messier 87. In fact, the researchers were able to translate into data the data collected by space and terrestrial telescopes related to the pressure waves emitted and the light radiation.

The black hole in the Perseus cluster has been associated with sound waves since 2003, when researchers discovered that the emitted pressure waves caused ripples in the hot gas of galaxies that produced sounds at frequencies that could not be felt by the planet. Now for the first time NASA captures that data through its orbiting lunar telescope and makes it audible: sound waves are extracted in a radial direction (outward from the center), allowing you to hear the ‘notes’ that emerge from it. Different directions, and their original frequency was raised hundreds of millions of times, making them audible.

Data collected by the Moon on the X-rays, on the other hand, were ‘remixed’ by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and the Southern European Laboratory’s Alma Telescope (Chile) (Eso) on the Galaxy Messier 87’s black hole. Appear). In order to create a kind of symphony, different tones are assigned to each wavelength, from low to high: the first most intense area corresponds to the spot where the black hole was identified (the brightest area on the left of the image), and the music fades as you move away following the jet of falling object.

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