Apple discontinues iPad production

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Apple Announced Should the iPod Touch stop production, the latest model of portable devices for playing iPod music is still there. The first iPod Introduced Twenty years ago, publicly by Steve Jobs on October 23, 2001: Since then, devices around the world have become huge business successes, helping to transform Apple into what it is today. The iPhone, the product most indebted to its current success, comes six years later.

First iPod (Apple)

The first iPad model had an ultra-thin hard drive with a capacity of 5 gigabytes, weighed 186 grams, had a battery that lasted about ten hours, was only compatible with Apple computers and was priced at $ 399.

2004 iPod minis (Apple)

There have been several generations of iPod models over the years: the smaller iPad mini since 2004, with a black and white screen yet; IPod Nano since 2005, thin and iPod shuffle, without screen; And iPod Touches since 2007 – iPhones that basically lack phone functionality. Production of the iPod Nano and Shuffle, in fact the latest Apple devices used only for listening to music, Discontinued in 2017.

2012 iPod Nano (Apple)

You can buy iPod Touches as long as there is supply. They were presented in their latest version in 2019: In the company’s plans, they should have attracted people who do not like or can not buy because the iPhone is so expensive. But for most people it makes no sense to have a second device to listen to music, which can also be done on smartphones.

IPod Touches (Apple)

Announcing the end of an important part of its history, Apple said that “the spirit of the iPod will live” on all devices that play music, starting with the iPhones.

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