Apple has launched a “weird” augmented reality app

Apple has just started its new application for augmented reality! We’re talking about For All Mankind: Time Capsule, which seeks to bridge the gap between the two seasons of the series of the same name, but nonetheless serves something more …

Apple launched a strange augmented reality app!

In short, the app is a promotional trick to help promote the second season of one of Apple’s most important original franchises. However, the strategy is broader than just an interesting game.

After all, it’s no secret that Apple is interested in augmented reality and virtual reality. Recurring displays of augmented reality in the latest iPhone and iPad product announcements, the addition of AR-focused LIDAR cameras on the latest iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro, and persistent rumors of VR glasses and exceptional headphones / RAs are evidence of this. this is. Apple has been working on equalizing for some time.

Reality increases

In addition to that, it also helps Apple TV efforts as it is an augmented reality app that downloads from the App Store but leads users to subscribe to Apple TV Plus.

This is the only way to see All Mankind, with extra content for LIDAR-equipped Apple devices.

This is the type of promotional content that covers a broad spectrum of Apple’s business. It also provides an overview of the type of hardware, software, and bundled services that Apple might consider for all future AR devices.

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