Live groups allow video streaming with 4 participants

More than two people in the live broadcast. Instagram increased to four. (Screen capture: t3n / Youtube)

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Instagram is expanding IG Live TV to include the option to add other participants to the broadcast. A new function called live groups may be especially useful for interviews.

It will soon be possible to have a short conversation on Instagram. Where previously only two people were allowed to broadcast simultaneously across the split screen, there would be four in the future. The screen then splits into four equal parts – thus reaching the limits of what can be viewed purposefully on smartphones.

Stream 4 people simultaneously via split screen

Instagram Product Manager Adam Mosseri introduced the new post on Lilly Singh’s show “A Little Late” and showed it live:

The feature is integrated into the app. One user takes the lead and invites the other participants. They receive a notification that they have to confirm. Then they find themselves in the stream and can talk to each other. They all have individual access to the Instagram filter library.

Almost done!

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Sales presentations and small panel discussions as use cases

In addition to the interview rounds and other discussion groups, live groups should be particularly suitable for video-based e-commerce. Here, the products can be shown to multiple people at the same time and sold directly. It is quite possible that live groups will quickly develop into a widely used feature.

Mosseri promises to provide the job in “the coming weeks.” It remains unclear if the live groups will come directly to Germany.

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