Apple rejects sticker apps that promote wearing masks, but is now reinstalling them

Two Apple developers have been given the green light to promote wearing masks with stickerback applications for iOS, after receiving rejections from Apple in the past, saying they were making “inappropriate references to the COVID-19 infection”.

Here is how this story started:

A friendly sticker wearing a mask can be particularly unsuitable for COVID-19 While Apple has its own masked emojis? That was the question that was on my mind, so I reached out to Apple yesterday.

This morning, Apple responded to it Not only that The company has no rules about masked stickers, but these two examples are absolutely correct – and both developers have confirmed that Apple has approved their applications.

It is not clear why they were rejected for launch, but Apple says it was careful to allow medical and official healthcare companies to mention “COVID-19” in their usernames or metadata (opportunists may try to make their applications appear more in the search). Both Apple And Google COVID-19 contains policies designed to ensure that searches point to applications that help protect you.

These specific applications * Chef Kiss * And Emoji Me Animated Faces Kids Applications, if you are interested.

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