The new MacBook Air keyboard features dedicated keys for dictation, spotlight, hassle and emoji

Apple has made a few small but significant changes to the MacBook Air keyboard Modification to Apple Silicon Processors. Do not disturb the functional queue now on the MacBook Air keyboard, there are dedicated keys for dictation and spotlight.

Three new keys change the launchpad and keyboard brightness controls in the action sequence. Instead, you should now rely on the new control center of the MacOS Big Suril to adjust the keyboard backlight brightness. Removing the launchpad key is unlikely to affect many users, but the keyboard brightness change may be accustomed to some.

Another change you’ll notice on the MacBook Air keyboard is that there’s a dedicated emoji globe icon on the function key at the bottom left.

Of course, the new Apple Silicon MacBook Pro does not have these new function keys because it has a touch bar instead of a functional array. However, the new MacBook Pro adds an emoji globe icon to the function key.

The new MacBook Air is powered by Apple’s M1 processor and has the same design as the previous Intel-powered engine. It starts at 99999 and is available to order from Apple today, with first orders coming in next week on November 17th.

Are you planning to order the new Apple Silicon MacBook Air? What do you think about these small changes in keyboard design? Let us know in the comments!

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