Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Pro gets 7508 multi-core score on the benchmark benchmark

New M1 Max Now customers come and join, And drives the highly anticipated R23, one of the first to receive the new M1 13-inch MacBook Pro with an 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU and 8GB of integrated memory Sinibench Benchmark The 8GB 13-inch MacBook Pro gives us a better idea of ​​the performance with 512GB of storage.

Sinibench is a much more serious multi-thread test than the Geekbench 5, which tests performance over a long period of time and can provide a clear overview of how a machine works in the real world.

The M1 MacBook Pro received a multi-core Cinibench score of 7508, and a single-core score of 1498, similar to the performance of some of Intel’s 11-generation chips.

In comparison, the 2020 16-inch MacBook Pro 8818 with a 2.3GHz Core i9 chip has a multi-core score. Macroemers The reader Who benchmarked his engine with the new R23 update released last week. The 2.6GHz low-end 16-inch MacBook Pro received a single-core score of 1113 and a multi-core score of 6912 on the same test, and high-end front-generation MacBook Air The single-core score was 1119 and the multi-core score was 4329.

Other Sinifench R23 scores for both can be found on the CPU Monkey website Multi core And Single core performance.

It is worth noting that the new M1 Macs are low-performance engines that are not suitable for heavy rendering tasks. The M1 MacBook Pro replaces the low-end engine, while the ‘MacBook Air’ has always been more of a consumer machine than a Pro engine.

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There are plans for high-end Pro machines with Apple Apple silicone Chips, but the company says it will take two years to convert the entire Mac line to hand-based chips. Cinibench scores for the MacBook Airboat for future Macs are expected to receive even higher performance M-Series chips.

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