The MacOS Big Sur update will get stuck on some old MacBook Pros black screen

The MacOS Big Sur update gets some old MacBook Pros stuck on the black screen during installation, leaving users with no way to fix it. This issue seems to have become more common in the late 13s and mid 2014s of the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Other Mac owners have also reported problems with the BigSur installation – and some say they were able to fix those issues – but both of those models of the MacBook Pro now seem to have the most serious issues.

There were problems Discovered by Macroemers, Saw complaints of its frozen laptops Forums, Ann Reddit, And Apple’s support site. Users have stated that there are no obvious signs of a problem, and that simple ways to fix it – such as resetting NVRAM or booting into safe mode – are inaccessible or do not resolve the issue.

Big Sur has an extraordinary number of publishing issues. The high demand for updates seems to have reduced Apple’s servers to a web, which led to a widespread slowdown in the new Mac due to a little known feature that checks with Apple for malware every time apps run. Server Issues Some users are unable to install the update, showing an installation error when starting the installation with the OS installation.

Considering the black screen issues that some users have, download issues are the best. If you are thinking about updating, it may be wise to give it a few weeks while the bugs work. On the edge Apple has been approached for feedback.

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