Apple Silicon M2 MacBooks Arrive at Retailers, So What About Actual Availability?

It’s been nearly a week since Apple announced the MacBook Air M2 and MacBook Pro 13 M2. However, the actual availability date is still unknown. After the vendors started pointing at them, we circled around to try to see more clearly.

When announcing the new M2 chip-equipped MacBooks, Apple remained elusive about the actual availability of the MacBook Air M2 and MacBook Pro 13 M2, settling on “next monthIt is no longer a habit of the apple brand to advertise a product without providing a specific date of product availability, especially since the products in question cannot be pre-ordered.

So we’ve tapped into the list of different models at retailers to try and pinpoint an exact date of availability. We started logically with Apple Chat, where our interlocutor adheres to the official speech (“next month‘) and sends us to the manufacturer’s newsroom to be alerted.

On the side of Fnak the same words. If you start referring to MacBook M2s, then they cannot be ordered, and our interlocutor in the chat does not even know whether it is possible to pre-order them via the Internet.

In Boulanger, all the MacBook M2 references are online. However, it is impossible to put it in the basket. Availability dates – whether in check out or online purchase – are absent, only the “Available next month” cartridge is present. The online help advisor is more vocal, indicating early July for availability.

The MacWay specialist wants it to be even more accurate for the MacBook Air M2. The supplier is even getting ahead of the Availability Date: July 13th, with fast delivery on July 15th. Finally, LDLC, which was the fastest to list all the MacBook Air and Pro in the M2, is more circumspect. However, it has gone so far as to announce a schedule for pre-orders: July 30 at 8:00 AM.

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It is therefore difficult to trust distributors for a reliable availability date. We continue to search for information on the availability of M2s and look forward to being able to offer you a test.

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