Apple Watch Series 8: With or without a body temperature sensor?

The Series 7 landed last year with a few changes other than a slightly larger screen and slightly faster charging, but it was supposed to have a new sensor and a hack on board as well. A new report now indicates that it may end up in Series 8.

according to Tweet Ming Chi KuoApple has canceled the body temperature sensor for the Apple Watch Series 7 “because the algorithm failed to qualify before entering the EVT stage last year.” As Kuo explains:

“The challenge in implementing accurate body temperature measurement is that the skin temperature varies rapidly depending on the external environments. The smartwatch cannot support body temperature measurement in the current hardware state, so it needs a great algorithm….”

However, Kuo reported that a body temperature reading can still appear on the Apple Watch Series 8. The micro-analyst often claims that the Apple Watch Series 8 “can measure body temperature if the algorithm can respond to Apple’s high pre-production requirements.” The huge”.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman previously said that the Apple Watch will likely get a skin temperature sensor, but it will only be used for fertility tracking. In the report, Gurman also claimed that Apple is already working on a way to monitor body temperature, but he doesn’t expect the feature to be ready in the fall, despite the sensor being on board.

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The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to arrive in September alongside the new Apple Watch SE. The flagship watch is expected to gain a new size as well as a rugged model and possibly a low power mode as part of watchOS 9.

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