Players voted, here is the best game in the history of the saga

Players voted for the best GTA game in the history of the saga. Choice can be discussed.

GTA, a collection of unforgettable games

The GTA saga has many episodes. Few licenses can boast of having almost high-quality titles. Since its debut, the Grand Theft Auto series hasn’t disappointed nearly any.

GTA Trilogy aside, Rockstar always fulfills the expectations of its fans. So everyone will have their opinion on the best episode in the history of licensing, because everyone can claim this honorary title. But a trend is emerging. Here is the best GTA game ever according to the players.

Here is the best GTA game ever

Metacritic player ratings help define the best GTA game in history for the community. This is not GTA 5, but GTA: San Andreas. No, it is not thanks to the version in the GTA Trilogy that the game has reached this honorary title, but thanks to the one that was published in October 2004 on PS2. Since then, so many GTA episodes have been released that players have never considered it better than the episode featuring cult hero CJ.

On Metacritic, GTA: San Andreas is given an impressive score of 9.1/10 (out of just over 3000 reviews). Excellent rating that allows it to be part of the 70 best games of all time according to players. Despite its popularity, GTA 5, with its impressive 8.3 rating on PS4, failed to rise above GTA: San Andreas.

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Will the open world series manage to deliver an episode that players consider better than GTA: San Andreas? They certainly hope that GTA 6 will be this opus. If the rumors of destructible buildings, revolutionary maps or improved AI compared to GTA 5 are confirmed, then it may be that GTA 6 slays GTA: San Andreas in the hearts of players. Especially if the Rockstar address allows you to travel to France for the first time. But watch out for the big bad hype if the game doesn’t release on PS4…

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