Rumor has it that almost every Microsoft studio will offer something at the event –

Microsoft announced last week‘Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, An inevitable event for the entire verdecrociata community and for gamers in general, as usual, will be the platform for multiple announcements and news from Xbox Game Studios and third parties. According to Rand Al Thor, co-host of The Xbox to Podcast with Windows Central Correspondent Jess Gordon, Almost all Microsoft in-house studios During the event they planned Participate in one or more projects.

“I heard a long time ago that something was planned for the show (Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase) in every studio,” says Deep Throat. “Almost everyone has something planned for the show, and some studios will feature more stuff. That’s all I knew.”

Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, Logo

Obviously, this is carelessness that should be taken with a drop of salt, but if it is true, the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, scheduled for June, will be a news-filled event, considering the size of the reviews and projects. Microsoft standard build site.

Staying at Microsoft, the first batch of games coming on the Xbox Game Pass in May 2022 will be announced today. We already know that 7 games will be confirmed on the first day and 6 games including GTA will be left out of the service list. : San Andreas – Firm Edition.

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