Toulouse City Council heatwave plan: “a series of tools” by environmentalist Antoine Meurice

Antoine Maurice, who heads a group of environmentalists elected to the opposition seats in the municipality of Toulouse, believes that the plan to combat the heat wave for 2024 presented by Jean-Luc Moudec on Thursday “does not respond to the problem of global warming.”

“Overlaying measures whose impact will remain limited,” and even “tricks,” such as installing an inflatable canopy in a filter meadow “where we should instead promote vegetation.” Antoine Maurice, head of the environmentalist group in the municipality of Toulouse, and Jean-Luc Muednick's opponent in the second round of the 2020 municipal elections, believes that the 2024 plan “Fresher Toulouse” presented by the mayor on Thursday, “falls short of what is required.” Mission.” “What is the structural response to the problem of global warming?” “, Asked.

Regarding the plan for 100,000 trees promised by the mayor by 2030, Antoine Maurice opposes “a real greening policy that is not limited to planting isolated trees.” Because how many of them will die? », asks the elected official who expects a third to die. “It's not so much about planting as it is about planting better,” that is, “in open areas that ensure the longevity of the trees” in order to “create islands of freshness.”

“To achieve this goal, we need a global vision rather than measures that take small weeks. The Urban Plan is the opportunity to do this.”

Pedestrian city centre

Antoine Meurisse does not appreciate the comparison made by Jean-Luc Moudec with the EELV municipalities of Lyon and Strasbourg which will plant much fewer trees than Toulouse. “Deceptive communications,” protests Antoine Maurice. Green cities work effectively. »

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Banning cars at Wilson on certain days during summer sales is considered “incomprehensible.” “This action shows that Jean-Luc Modenc is indecisive and confused. He does not have the courage to make the city center pedestrianized like all big cities. »

Antoine Maurice calls for the interior areas of the streets and the Neuf Bridge to be pedestrianized to “eliminate traffic.” And also for “neighborhood thinking about sharing public space for the benefit of pedestrians, bicycles and public transportation.”

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