Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield, Indiana Jones – Nert 4. There will be no problem with Todd Howard’s commitment to life

Senior scrolls6 e Starfield They will continue their growth Without problems, Despite the recent announcement of a new game Indiana Jones Presented by Bethesda, co Todd Howard As an executive producer, his direct involvement in the new project will not have any effect on other games.

Indiana Jones is actually in development at one of Bethesda’s inner teams, Machine Games, but how is it? Executive Producer Todd Howard is one of the key elements of the publishing division, but the Bethesda Softworks team is clearly busy during this period.

Howard, too Director Considering the size of the products in question, Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 may suggest potential implications for the development of these two topics. However, Pete Hines Bethesda He did not have this comment because he reported on Twitter in response to concerns about possible issues with the new Indiana Jones for already announced games.

“Todd is currently the executive producer on many Bethesda projects and beyond, and on the Bollywood television show,” Hines explained, revealing this particular background about Bethesda’s founder’s current responsibilities. “His Key commitment Starfield and The Elder are the direction of the Scrolls 6, which will not be affected by today’s news. “

So, while Howard’s role on Indiana Jones is significant, it does not match his role in Starfield and The Elder Scrolls, as in any case all projects continue at their usual pace.

Veronica Tucker

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