First glimpses of the new interface and what’s new

Among the new features that Microsoft is working on, we can start by noting that the taskbar should be enriched News and interests. This feature is already available from Windows Insiders And it was posted on Dev.

More precisely, it is content from MSN (news, weather forecast, financial information, etc.). Newer Windows Other reports say Microsoft will incorporate traffic information into this content. This next version of Windows 10 will also provide a summary of the user’s Microsoft account, showing their most recent emails, upcoming appointments, or tasks to do.

Within the system settings, it will be possible to find out which apps have consumed the most battery power at a specific time. Additionally, we should find better Edge Tab management within the device. Snap assistant To install windows.

Microsoft is also developing a touch layer for tablets with gestures closer to those of iPad, for example to make the window smaller with more simple use of 4 or 5 fingers. Finally, note that Sun Valley should make it possible to uninstall more apps provided by default.

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