Are all low-cost companies playing the B2B game?

VuelingFor its part, it asserts that the policy is the same for travel agencies and direct customers: in the event of a flight cancellation (or schedule change of more than 5 hours), travelers can request a full refund, date change or credit theft.

IAG’s subsidiary Barcelona also reminds us of the new pricing terms, which are intended to be more flexible.

But on the issue of dysfunction and hanging files, Vueling answers “I don’t have any answers to give.”

“Travel agencies in France play an important role in selling Vueling Airlines’ products and services, whether they are tour operators, group travel agencies, leisure or business travel agencies”, responds subtly Charlotte Domsnell, Director of Sales, Distribution and Partnerships.

Finally, there is no reaction to the note on the part Ryan Air.

However, the position of the European Queen of low-cost companies is very clear. In a press release dated April 2021Irish low cost leaves no room for ambiguity: “Ryanair has no business deal with online travel agencies to sell Ryanair flights.

We advise our customers to always book directly through the Ryanair website and the Ryanair app where they can access the lowest rates, direct customer service and fast money back”Can we read there too?

A very presumed way to work without a distribution.

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