As for Matignon, Hollande is not “putting himself out there” and rules out Mélenchon who is “no longer in the game.”

As a guest on BFMTV on Wednesday evening, the former President of the Republic and candidate in Correz called for the appointment of a “consensual” figure.

Who will be the country's next prime minister? While the legislative campaign is in full swing, the left is uniting under a banner New Popular Front», was divided for several days over the choice of which profile could go to Matignon in the event of wins on June 30 and July 7. Many figures, such as Jean-Luc Mélenchon or the Socialist Party's first secretary Olivier Faure made offers of service, François Hollande himself was keen to present his vision. The candidate in the 1st electoral district of Corez said, as a guest on BFMTV on Wednesday evening “You don't want to put yourself first.” And “Don't put yourself down” To be the head of government.

“I am trying to be useful by convincing as many French people as possible not to go to the National Rally.”The former President of the Republic said. If he is elected in this land, where he has not been a representative since 2012, his future plans will remain ambiguous. According to him, there are three hypotheses for the second round. The National Alliance won: “The role I assign to myself is to convey the message of protection and vigilance.”. The left wins: “We will have to make sure his government is resilient.” Does not show an absolute or relative majority: “The role of people like me, given the positions I have held, is to find solutions.”

Mélenchon, not a “man of consensus”

What about the role of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, which was requested by the former head of state? “to silence” to “Provide service” on the left ? “He's not really in the game anymore, he's trying to be in it. But it's been agreed that he can no longer be the one who has to lead and rule the country.Francois Hollande, who does not see it that way, criticized “The man of consensus.”. “This is what is very different from the Nupes program (…) It is not the same program, it is not the same leader.” The former president stipulated this, recalling that socialists, environmentalists, communists and some rebels opposed the arrival of Jean-Luc Mélenchon to Matignon.

If the decision of the champion of social democracy to join the coalition to which the Liberal Front party belongs was denounced by his opponents, the former president justified his decision by saying: “The allure of the moment.” In the face of the National Front's unprecedented push, he considered it “Only the left's rally can be a fortress.”

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