Sony headphones are brain dead?

The news about PlayStation VR 2 is not very good. While sales of Sony's virtual reality headset are rumored to be far from satisfactory, it appears that the end of its lifespan has already been determined internally. We owe this information to Android Central and its journalist Nicholas Sutrich who claims to have been contacted by a reliable source, explaining to him that Sony is in the process of significantly reducing its funding for the PSVR 2. Worse still, only two games have been released and Sony products are said to be in development internally, namely Warning sign of substance abandonment. Android Central still goes further in its analysis, relying on official data from the Japanese manufacturer, and in particular its strategy that it is no longer oriented towards VR. To this, we must add that Sony has closed two of its studios specializing in virtual reality, First Contact and London Studio.

PlayStation VR 2

Further evidence that Sony seems to have lost interest in virtual reality, the Astro Bot game revealed during State of Play and presented to the press during the Summer Games Festival isn't even compatible with the PSVR 2 headset, while the game Astro Bot: Rescue Mission remains one. One of the best virtual reality games from Sony. Nicolas Doucet, the game's game director, said there will be a VR version of Astro Bot next on PS5 “It was not an option in mind.” Before adding That port of the game is “It is very unlikely.”

What's worse is that we learned last May that the upcoming Batman Arkham Shadow game will not be released on PSVR 2, as it will be a Meta exclusive. A failed job when we know that the first PlayStation VR gave us the very cool Batman Arkham VR game. Of course, at the moment, it is clear that Sony has not commented on these rumours, but there are still many clues that lead us to believe that less than 2 million copies of PSVR 2 will not be enough to invest further. Sony will give its product one last chance, as the PC adapter will arrive next August, and will allow SteamVR games to be compatible with Sony's headsets. Will this be enough to reignite the hype around the monster? Nothing is less certain.

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