The Alpes-Maritimes division’s first mobile team begins vaccinating seniors in Valberg

As part of the departmental vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus, Charles Ange Genesee, Head of the Alpes Maritime Division, attended the first vaccinations for people over the age of 75 carried out by one of the Alpes Maritimes mobile teams in the Valbergane room in Valberg.

This is a new step that is part of the divisional vaccination strategy, presented by the President of the Maritime Alps, Charles Angie Genesi, last Thursday, which will last for several months throughout the territory in question.

Another step in the vaccination campaign

In order to facilitate support for this vaccination, the Alpes Maritime Division deploys mobile teams in the central and upper regions. These mobile units will operate half-day or full-day in Valberg, Guillaumes, Villars-sur-Var, Coursegoules, Saint-Auban and Peille.

In total, there are eight permanent administrative centers open on the territory of Alpes-Maritimes:

Puget Thignier

- Roquesterone

- San Valere Dt

- Wins

- short stories

- Lyscarin

- gospel

- Brill sur Roya

Through the vaccination centers and mobile teams, the department will cover 83 of the 163 municipalities in Alpes-Maritimes.

Meanwhile, the Alpes-Maritimes division is populated along with CASA, CARF, CAPG, CAPL and CCAA. The provincial council also joins its forces with the Nice Cote d’Azur Metropolis. Mobile community teams are coming to reinforce all vaccination centers in the metropolitan area.

Priority in the marine Alps according to Genesee

For the Head of Department 06, a vaccination available for more than 75 years is a good thing. “Today I am in Valberg where there is an administrative antenna dedicated to vaccination. Thus, there is a mobile team for half a day and they are able to vaccinate people over the age of 75. These branches of vaccination are necessary to go as close as possible to residents of remote cities.”

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On the other hand, Charles Ange Genesee is asking the French government to explicitly guarantee the delivery of vaccine doses. The only solution to combat the epidemic that is affecting significantly the department as well as the entire country. “I have sent a letter in this sense to the mayor of Alpes-Maritimes, and I will also send a letter to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health informing them of the urgency of the situation. At a rate of nearly 480, the Alpes-Maritimes division remains the most affected in France. Prioritize the areas most affected. We need to. Taking these requests into account. “ President says.

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