“Balèn Terla”: a mobile application dedicated to observing humpback whales from the coast of Reunion!

On June 15, Globice Réunion launched the Balèn terla smartphone app dedicated to monitoring humpback whales from the coast.

Globice Réunion launched the smartphone app on June 15 Balin Tirla Dedicated to observing humpback whales from the coast.

“Balèn terla has been downloaded hundreds of times in just a few hours and is popular with its first users in Reunion at a time when the presence of whales in territorial waters is accelerating.”Globis confirms.

The application is completely free and available in French, Creole and English, and allows in particular:

– Identifying the best observation sites on the Reunion coast,

– To characterize and report whale sightings in real time,

– To access exclusive information about cetaceans on Reunion Island,

– Dialogue with the observer community,

– To communicate directly with the Globice scientific team,

– To easily meet Globice volunteers in the field.

Balèn terla was designed by Globice Réunion in partnership with Wild Immersion, financed by the Green Fund / Governor of La Réunion and sponsored by Fibers Industries Bois and WOOD Hotel & Spa, Reunion Island in Réunion.

To download Balèn Terla for free

– On the Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/fr/app/bal%C3%A8n-terla/id6480523983

– On Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details...

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