Whatsapp, are you not getting notifications anymore? So you can solve the problem

Instant messaging is a part of daily life for three out of four people worldwide. WhatsApp is almost indispensable for those who want to stay connected with their close contacts, but it can be invasive at times. Let's talk about the infamous notifications we get on our smartphone frequently. However, not getting them can be a problem: what if this doesn't happen?

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How many times have we used Whatsapp and received repeated notifications throughout the day? Although they are useful, thanks to them, we understand who wrote to us or is looking for us, they can sometimes be annoying and invasive.. However, when they don't, we almost worry. It can be a problem with the mobile phone or directly with the application: now there is a way to recover notifications if they suddenly disappear.

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world. Founded in 2009 by two ex-Yahoo employees who became billionaires thanks to intuition. Meta, the company created by Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, Instagram and now WhatsApp, bought it in 2014 for nearly $20 billion, making it the most expensive acquisition in history.

Zuckerberg has brought important innovations to the app, allowing users to use it from a desktop PC or notebook and making video messaging possible since last year. Used by nearly 4 billion people across the globe, WhatsApp is now a globally recognized appAnd its features include notifications that are naturally loved and hated at the same time, but it allows us to understand when someone sends us a message.

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What to do if Whatsapp notifications disappear? way to recover them

But what if notifications suddenly disappear? That's a big problem, given that WhatsApp is used not only for purely personal reasons but also for professional reasons, and sometimes the arrival of a message can change people's lives. So, not knowing whether we have received a message or not can be very inconvenient.

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Fortunately there is a method to reactivate missing notifications. First thing to do Make sure the WhatsApp version is latest, it may affect the arrival of notifications. Secondly, we must make sure that they are actually enabled on our mobile phone, so we must go to Settings, then Notifications then select the option related to WhatsApp, select Show notifications and Display previews, both active. This way, it's almost impossible not to receive them, and we can always update who is writing to us and when.

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