BananaBin flies around your Mac's trash can to remind you to empty it.

BananaBin (Free during trial) This is a tool that falls into the category of useless, and therefore necessary. Once installed on your Mac, it monitors the amount of items stored in the macOS Trash and if it exceeds a certain limit, it adds flies around the Trash icon. These flies fly around the icon in one direction Attractive To remind you that you should also Empty the trash on your computer, at least from time to time.

BananaBin in action. Image MacGeneration.

The idea is interesting and the application offers a setting so that flies appear quickly (as soon as 10 MB is stored in the trash) or on the contrary if you delete large files and they are still stored in the trash (from 1 or even 10 GB). Without being so distracting that your Mac becomes unusable, the animation draws the eye to the Trash, making it a fairly effective reminder… at least, if your Dock bar is visible and not too small.

BananaBin is currently in beta and it shows. There are still several important limitations, including the inability to activate when deleted files come from iCloud Drive or external storage (presumably this will come in a future update). I also noticed that the app didn't work on many virtual desktops, only on the one it was opened on. On the other hand, it reacts correctly to the different positions of the Dock as well as options like zooming in on hover.

To work, BananaBin needs full disk access to know when files are in the trash as well as access to locate and edit the icon privately. The app is free during the trial, although you have to leave your email address to get the download link. The final version will be paid for, although we do not have the details yet.

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BananaBin is available in English only and the app requires macOS Sonoma and that version only at the moment. Compatibility with macOS Ventura is planned.

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