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L ‘Exit of Elton Ring It may still be a long way off, and then it might even be March 2022: Leaks and Rumors Although the product is now officially ready to be delivered, Gaddafi’s financial statements tell a different story.

The game was more Postponed, Then? It appears that in the current financial year Gaddafi recommended the exit, but in fact the document released by the company basically does not appear to be titled.

How are things really? Analyst Daniel Ahmed | He commented on the news to shed some light on the state of affairs and to highlight the two possible scenarios present in the antibodies.

“Kadokawa’s statement is surprisingly clear,” Ahmed wrote. “They expect Low income In the financial year ending March 31, 2022 and specify a possible reason for postponing certain issues. “

“This indicates that after March 2022 the Elton Ring may hit stores or the game simply Not considered A more uncertain release date is given as part of their predictions. “

In short, both hypotheses may be similar to reality. Considering Elton Ring’s announcement on E3 2019 and the latest leaks related to the game, it seems unlikely that a release period other than 2021 will be possible.

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