Squid will feature its creator’s spell


The Squid game will have its own satire that will focus on advertising, in a comedic way, the global explosion that the Netflix show has caused.

Hwang Dong Hyuk© GettyHwang Dong Hyuk

squid game It was one of the biggest TV events of the past year and a real hit for the popular streaming platform, Netflix. The series showed how a group of people competed in a series of children’s games that ended in the deaths of the losing players, while the award for being the last person standing continued to grow exponentially over time as the tests passed.

The creator of this phenomenon Hwang Dong HyukAlready working on the second season of squid game Which will feature amazing new games as well as release on Streaming Giant in 2023 or 2024. The first batch of episodes ended with Seong Gi-hung surviving this deadly encounter and thus winning the ultimate prize. Over 100 million families enjoyed the show!

Program based on the game Squid

behind the brain squid game I am talking with Specific date He confirmed that in addition to working on the next season of the show, he is also developing a satire of the series titled The best show on the planet. Although there are no further details about what new collaboration with her NetflixDong Hyuk said the project is in its early stages.

We don’t know yet what the argument will be The best show on the planet Or who will be the actors responsible for the characters of this new series, however, the model was previously praised Social Posts And it seems that this trend will continue with his new creation, which this time will touch closely all those who have been trapped in the subject of squid game.

We don’t know when it will be released The best show on the planetEspecially since Dong-hyuk’s efforts are currently focused on the second season of squid gameBut it is a good sign to see that the world of this event will continue to grow, even if today it is difficult to determine whether these new TV shows will have the same success as Seong Gi-hung’s original story.

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