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Spider-Man 2 It quickly gives you an impressive arsenal of skills and abilities to start playing and leveling up. Then there's Spider-Man's quintet of gadgets, most of which prove to be very useful throughout the game, but when it comes to gadgets, one of them is definitely worth focusing on. Upgrades First and foremost: Web Grabber.

New tool missing The last two matches east Spider-Man 2The Web Grabber's Web Grabber, which extends, grabs several nearby enemies and pulls them all into a neat, easy-to-overwhelm mass. In front of you. It's paired with the R1 + Square button combination and makes enemies extremely vulnerable to area-of-effect attacks like Peter Parker's Spider Arm Barrage and Miles Morales Chain Lightning.

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The Web Grabber's first upgrade is called Bombardment and it may be the most useful ability in the entire game, as instead of just luring nearby enemies, it will also grab barrels, cinder blocks, and other nearby throwable objects, dealing extra damage. As you progress through the game, a well-placed Grabber deployment can sometimes take out an entire group of enemies single-handedly. All you need for this powerful upgrade are 155 tech parts (obtained by preventing crimes) and 3 city tokens (obtained by collecting Marco's memories and completing photo shoots).

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The rest of the Web Grabber's upgrades make him even more formidable, increasing the range and number of enemies attracted, which will allow him to affect larger enemies as well. For these upgrades, you'll also need Rare Tech Fragments (obtained by completing Prowler Hideouts and EMF Trials) and Hero Tokens (obtained by completing Hunter Rules and Secrets).

From here, it's a good idea to focus on upgrading your standard web shooters, as they represent your first line of defense against enemies; It can quickly and easily subdue many moccasins after just a few hits by sticking them to nearby surfaces. The first two upgrades are the most important, as they increase how often they charge and how quickly they can recharge.

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Meanwhile, they become concussion bombs very Useful later. It temporarily stuns basic enemies, but is especially effective against Venom when it comes to consecutive encounters. Although it is not necessary to prioritize them from the beginning, it is a good idea to have all five players. Their improvements culminated in the third act. You'll understand why once you get there.

The other two tools honestly Hassan. It's worth spending at least a point on upgrading Upshot and Ricochet Web when you have extra coins, but I personally haven't found it to radically change the odds when I find myself in a tough situation. However, more toys that can be thrown at fools means more fun, ever since Spider-Man 2 It's a game designed to be 100 percent, and you'll likely find yourself upgrading it eventually anyway.

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