You don't arrive at the end of the month with your salary: Here's how Google can help you

Can't make it to the end of the month with the salary? Don't worry, here's how Google can help us

Manage your salary in the right way: method with Google –

One of the most felt problems in this era is a prudent management of own Salary. Between the economic boom and the lack of management skills in the household economy, many people are literally without financial resources at the end of the month. A state of hardship, in fact, does not only affect people from the poorer social classes: in various ways, the waste of one's possessions involves a much wider population.

Because the salary does not come till the end of the month

Why don't we get paid at the end of the month? There can be two answers to the question. First, there is the purely economic reality: The monthly fee we receive does not allow us to fully cover all costs Continue for 3/4 weeks. Expenses related to shopping, bills, rent for a house or condominium, needs that vary from person to person, and the cost of raising children.

Then there is a debate Waste of economic resources, this is of no concern to those who earn very little and are forced to bend over backwards to cover their expenses at the end of the month. These are citizens incapable of managing their own economic assets, spending their money on pleasures and comforts: expensive aperitifs, sports car rentals, compulsive shopping, familiar restaurant dinners.

How the Google “Budget and Finance” app works for your salary –

Google's solution for managing our money

Where citizens lack economic management skills, it will arrive there Google. Many have found a good solution”Budget and finance“It has the ability to show real-time the income and expenses we make during the month. An interface that allows us to see how we manage our bank account or financial resources while being constantly updated with all expenses. Also, careful monitoring through the app allows us to see if we are making administrative errors: it highlights moments when we run out of funds.

A very useful app for many people who can't keep track of their bank account without a computer. This functionality can also provide other very useful services such as real-time currency exchange. A service that many find very useful when vacationing in non-dollar countries. In fact, it allows you to avoid any money transfer scams once you enter the country, making your vacation simple and hassle-free.

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