Suunto launches its Ocean Watch: the meeting between a sports watch and a diving computer

Founded in 1936 by Thomas Vohlonen, Suunto built its reputation on its compasses and navigation equipment. Several decades later, the Finnish company specialized in watches related to multiple sports. With the Suunto Ocean, they aim to bring together the perfect divers' collection in one watch.

True to its sisters, the Ocean has not been neglected in terms of quality. Made of steel (90g) and equipped with a sapphire crystal display, it is equipped to withstand the most extreme shocks and conditions.

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Miniature diving computer

For diving, the Tocante guarantees a maximum operating depth of 60 meters (EN 13319 standard) and a water resistance of up to 100 metres. To best ensure the safety of the wearer, it incorporates the Bühlmann 16 algorithm, one of the most widely used algorithms by dive computers, especially in the precise calculation of decompression levels and inhaled gas levels.

Once paired with the Suunto app on a smartphone, it provides access to potential underwater routes, diving history, not to mention a range of maps for all types of sports.

Like the ideal on-board dive computer it claims, the Ocean is equipped with useful features once below the surface, such as depth, dive duration, audible and vibrating alarms, but also gas consumption for bottles (with the Suunto Tank Pod). Experienced freedivers are not forgotten by including the mode Dedicated Which includes “Multiple alarms for depth, dive time, and ascent/descent speed”refers to the brand on its site.

From yoga to mountain climbing

It's a 1.43-inch Amoled touchscreen chosen for better readability in the sun and more vibrant colors. It is also surrounded by a rotating crown to facilitate the use of the watch underwater. Battery life is 40 hours in dive mode, 50 hours in GPS tracking mode, and 26 days with time display only. The watch also received the 2024 Ipso Award, which rewards the best innovations in sports.

In addition to its strengths in the diving sector, the Suunto Ocean is above all a watch dedicated to all athletes with more than 95 modes depending on the user's practice. This variety is explained by its manufacturer On his website Indicating the possibility of following sports “From yoga to mountain climbing”. So it's equipped with all the multi-watch gadgets: GPS tracking, offline maps, barometer, sleep monitor, etc.

The Suunto Ocean is now available in three colors (steel, steel black and sand) for €799. It is also possible to purchase it as a set to take advantage of the Suunto Tank Pod which is essential for calculating the pressure of scuba tanks. Then count 1049 euros.

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