Bethesda reveals 15-minute presentation on Starfield’s gameplay – News

A wonderful presentation that began with the discovery of the moon of Crete, which our avatar began to explore from a third-person perspective, accompanied by his robotic companion. The native animals didn’t seem to be hostile to him, so he could start digging for ores in a cave a few steps away from the landing site. But he soon discovers a factory in which he will have to meet a little more resistance. There, the action moves to the first person and the game takes on the futuristic FPS atmosphere in real time. To see if it can still be interrupted by active breaks.

After this first skirmish, our hero will join the Constellation, the last group of explorers still working. A chance to progress in the capital, New Atlantis, discover first friendly interactions with other heroes and a vast urban environment to explore. Without a transition, Todd Howard then branched out into the character builder: from appearance to my knowledge From the character that defines our skills in the beginning, through the optional character traits synonymous with specific rewards and penalties, or skill tree, which Bethesda promises will depend on what the publisher has done best in the past, this offering of customization possibilities is complete enough to make you want to discover more.

Let us also mention the establishment and evolution of outposts on the explored planets over the course of the progress to add new units to them that facilitate continued exploration. But perhaps the most attractive moment of this show is that of the tool to create and customize your own ship, which you will then be able to pilot in space combat. Something that stirs a little poetry among science fiction buffs. But we won’t say more and leave it to you to find out for yourself in the video below. starfield It’s still expected sometime next year on PC and the Xbox series.

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