Big Screen: It’s finally possible to watch YouTube videos with up to 15 people!

This is a feature that was really missing Big Screen. After recent updates have brought new environments, or support for more than 100 TV channels, The latest version is now included locally Youtube And we will no longer need to share your computer screen in mirror mode to enjoy it.

Available on helmets deadAnd SteamVR And WMRlatest dated version Big Screen Bring the app Youtubeas we know it on our site Smart TV Or even our smartphone or computer. Thus, it is possible to use his account The GoogleBrowse suggested content, but also our channel Youtube And our different lives with friends or strangers in the various rooms that the application provides Big Screen. Up to 15 people can meet and watch shows and live sports matches or rent movies to watch on the platform. However, this last feature is only reserved for the release MetaQuest. users ExpensiveIn the meantime, you continue to get full functionality, including ad-free viewing.

Other developments will soon come to light as detailed in the roadmap. In the coming months, it will become possible to use external consoles. The system for inviting friends will be simplified, avatars will be more customizable and new room management and editing tools will be provided.

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