Biggest Mobile Games Tournaments in 2022

Mobile gaming has become almost as big as PC and console gaming over the past few years. As mobile devices have become more advanced, the games we can play have become bigger and better.

This year will see another round of massive mobile gaming tournaments. Combined with upcoming mobile games this year, the tournaments are only becoming bigger and far more popular around the world.

Free Fire World Series

Free Fire is a multiplier Battle Royale game that has seen huge success across the Middle East, South America, and Asia. In 2019, Free Fire became the most downloaded mobile game, and in August of 2021, it set another record with over 150 million daily active players.

Its World Series is divided into two parts, with players and teams competing in play-in tournaments, and only the best of the best making it to the tournament. 2022 will be the third world series for the game and is set to be the biggest yet.

Call of Duty Mobile Championship

Spread over the year, the 2022 iteration of the Call of Duty Mobile Championship is set to be the biggest tournament yet, with a prize pool of $1.7 million. Players compete in regional tournaments, and the final spots are open to every player.

Call of Duty Mobile quickly went above and beyond the heights, anyone expected, with the enormous prize pool evidence of its success. The finals will take place in December, and we are sure to be entertained by the best players in the world showing their skills.

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PUBG Mobile Global Championship

PUBG was the king of battle royale games for a long time before the likes of Fornite, Apex Legends, and Warzone came along. While it may have been dethroned, it is still more than popular enough to have one of the biggest mobile gaming tournaments.

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship is designed in the same way as other tournaments, with multiple regional play-ins and then a tournament at the end of the year. It is also set to place right at the end of the year, but the hype and excitement are already through the roof.

Peacekeeper Elite Championship

Peacekeeper Elite is China’s version of PUBG and has subsequently blown up in popularity more than PUBG ever did. The tournament is made up entirely of Chinese teams, with a few players from Malaysia and Singapore.

The 21 teams compete in a tournament, which includes a preseason, the regular season, which has weekly finals, playoffs, and then the finals.

Arena of Valor World Cup

2022 will be the first season of the new Arena of Valor World Cup after it merged with the Honor of Kings tournament. Details have not yet been released, but there will be qualifiers held in Asia, South Asia, South America, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

There are also seven tournaments that teams can use to qualify for the tournament that will be held later in the year. The 16 teams will take part in a group tournament, with winners moving on to the knockout stages and then the final.

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Clash of Clans World Championship

Clash of Clans was the biggest mobile game on the planet a few years ago and was also one of the first to have a tournament and championship. 2022 will see the competition return, and with a brand new format.

Community tournaments will be held that have prize pools of $50,000. There will then be a six-week tournament for the winners before moving on to the world finals. These eight teams will then compete for a $1 million prize pool.

Wild Rift Champions WCS Finals

League of Legends Wild Rift was an instant hit and now has a massive tournament that sees players and teams from across the globe compete for a massive prize. Tournaments are held in multiple regions, with teams then moving on to the finals.

Considering how big last year’s tournament was and how popular League of Legends is, the Wild Rift tournament is only going to get bigger.

Clash Royale Championship

Clash Royale is back with another massive tournament. The card collecting and tower defense game will be played across multiple tournaments, with the winners being able to move on to the Clash Royale League.

The winners of the league will then enter the finals, where the winner will take home a huge cash prize and be crowned the King of Clash Royale.

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